Sunday, December 2, 2012

Iowa State Trooper beating of a man

This is in an email from John ….

      Thank you William for sending this on.  I just finished a e-mail to the Iowa HWY Patrol asking for an investigation and under the Freedom of Information Act to purchase a copy of the Officers report, Traffic stop video CD and all audio of the stop before, during and just after the stop. 
      I have known Larry for over 15 years.  Larry attends church and is always welling to help people.  Larry’s problem started in about 2003 when Magistrate Mary Howes would not allow Larry to read  the law to the jury out of the Iowa Code Book.  I was present that day, and witnessed that miscarriage of justice.  Iowa Rules of Civil and Criminal procedure 5.401 allow for any evidence to be presented that would make the case more, or less plausible etc.     Larry continued to stand up for his rights, and the rights of the people.  Sad to say a few of us learned the inconvenient truth of the legal system and history of our country and state. 
      In 2010 Larry was again refused to present evidence to the jury.  I also have been a victim of judicial persecution for honoring my oath I took when I entered the service in 1965.  Many others I know have been the victim of Judicial misconduct.  Briefly it is the love of money that has corrupted the legal system in my opinion.  All courts I know of have a Federal Tax ID number making them a corporation for profit.  Chief Judge Mark Cady this spring stated Iowa made a $10,000,000.00 profit in 2011. In CJS Corpus Jurum Secundum, book seven it states in black and white the first responsibility of an attorney is to the court not the client.  Now you know the rest of the story and can see a little bit of the inconvenient truth the legal establishment hoped we would never learn.  Larry kept on learning the truth and trying to expose the corruption they were forcing upon him. 
     There are three other pictures of Larry that were taken of his face that show more detail than the mug shot.  I have it from a reliable source Larry is licky just to have bruised ribs rather than all of them broken.  He was diagnosed with a cuncussion that will probably take 5-6 weeks to heal.  I have a friend that was knocked unconscious in the Muscatine County Recorders offic for trying to file paperwork for me.  Bob is still recovering from the effects of his concussion he received over 5 years ago. 
     I am a former police officrr ( only 6 months because of the judicial abuse I witnessed) and a Viet Nam Veteran.  I want to thank you again for your interest and for forwarding on the MUG SHOT of Larry.  My dream is that together we can convince Legislatures in all State and in the Government to pass laws that put Judges, Magistrates, and every other Public Official that harms God’s people.   
     May the God of Nature and Natures God Bless each and every one of you.  May the Lord Jesus Christ give each one of you the courage help Larry Allen Bell and other victims that suffer from the abusive judicial conditions and police brutality evident in the Mug Shot of Larry. 
      Google arrest of Larry Alen Bell if you want to get the mug shot so you can use it to further the cause of Liberty and Freedom.  
     In closing please google the 1846 Communist Manifesto and compare them to the Bill of Rights.  Please answer the question which one is being followed in America, today.   May God bless you and America.  Sincerely John-E Wiese
World Peace is simple! Give everyone the freedom to worship their Creator,
as they see fit. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
Servant of the People, Steward of the Republic

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