Sunday, December 2, 2012

Letter to your local Grand Jury

WHAT IF YOU SENT YOUR LOCAL COUNTY GRAND JURORS THIS LETTER? Relevant only in the State of Iowa, similar laws may exist in other States.

Dear Grand Juror within my County,

Now that you are a grand juror..... 

Instead of now what, how about... guess what?

It is made the special duty of the grand jury to inquire into.... wait for it.....

The unlawful misconduct in office in the county of public officers and employees! (Rule 2.3(4)j(3))

As a grand Juror, YOU are the people's greatest defense against UNLAWFUL MISCONDUCT in office. That means, if someone from the public has a complaint against an elected or appointed person within government, let's say like a politician or a police officer, YOU have the power to start your own investigation into the incident!

When the people need to call the police ON the police for bad or abusive behavior, YOU are the people's true authority in investigating and if you find evidence and testimony credible enough, you have the power to file criminal indictments against these public employees abusing their power in office! (Rule 2.4)

Did you know you had this power?!?! And guess what else??

The grand jury shall meet upon the request of a majority of the grand jurors! (Rule 2.3(4)j)

You don't need the County Attorney or Judge to meet... in fact!....

Neither the prosecuting attorney nor any other officer or person except the grand jury may be present when the grand jury is voting upon the finding of an indictment. (Rule 2.3(4)d)

You meet in secret! ...and the grand jury may at all reasonable times ask the advice of the prosecuting attorney or the court. (Rule 2.3(4)d)

They work for you!

Are you ready to investigate corruption within your local government? I hope so, the people need you!

You have been given a special opportunity to serve the people of your community and protect against injustice in your community when called!

You are a Grand Juror!

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