Thursday, November 29, 2012

Arrest of Larry Allen Bell

Below is a message John Wiese sent to the Iowa State Patrol regarding their Trooper Andrew J. Pedersen beating Larry Allan Bell to a pulp in Scott County, Iowa on Nov. 23, 2012.  People from all over the country are urged to send comments of outrage for this kind of conduct.  Much of this was possibly inflicted after Larry was unconscious on the concrete:
Here is the website for people concerned about this type of behavior:

There is no indication that Larry would ever intentionally injure another man.  It appears that Trooper Andrew J. Pedersen only wished to show Larry Allan Bell whether all of us live in a free country or show us that we all live in a Police State.  Any one of us could be in one of these pictures next week !!!

----- Forwarded Message -----
Dear Sir,
  I am formally requesting you take officer Pedersen off patrol pending an investigation of the arrest of Larry Allen Bell.  I have known
this man for over 15 years and do not believe for one minute he would ever resist arrest. I believe in your investigation you will find Larry Bell is a peaceful man and has never resisted arrest in the past. 
      It is my opinion your officer misrepresented the truth for the traffic stop for seat belt violation.  I have had the honor of driving Larry in the past and do not remember him failing to put on a seat belt.  I have first hand knowledge of a conversation Larry  had with me stating he did in fact have his seat belt on at the time of the stop.  There is other conversation I had with Larry, that leads me to believe officer Pedersons actions left a lot to be desired of any police officer not withstanding the highest standards expected from a officer of the Iowa Highway Patrol.
     For your information I was present at a jury trial in, if memory serves me 2003 where this man was refused the right to read to the jury the law found in the Iowa Code Book.  Making short of it, if the Magistrate, and in 2010 a Judge had allowed relevant evidence to be properly presented to juries this man would have been acquitted and would never had his license barred. ( Iowa rule of evidence 5.401) Is it possible this man knew his rights and in standing up for them was persecuted by the judicial establishment to the extent he was forbidden from making a living by being barred.  Being as Larry's mother is 85 and needs Larry to help with her needs I would appreciate it if you would expire your investigation.
      Possibly now thanks to the actions of officer Pedersen, the truth will finally come out and laws will be passed to put dishonest Judges, Magistrates, Officers of the Law, and other public officials in jail for violating basic human rights.  
     I also have it from a reliable source an officer in the Iowa Highway Patrol has stated Larry was not hit in the face during the stop.  Being a former police officer myself I find it very hard to believe that, especially since the mugshot of Larry proves differently.  I can personally testify along with others there was not any abrasions  contusions or black eyes on Larry's face before the stop by officer Pedersen.. 
It has been stated from a reliable source that Larry Allen Bell had sustained a concussion and bruised ribs in addition to the injuries shown on the mug shot, and in fact would have had every rib broken if he did not carry the fat he did over his rib area. 
     I am therefore making a freedom of information request for a copy of officer Pederson's report of the incident, any and all reports from other officers called to the scene, and a copy of the car video  and any audio made before, during, and just after the traffic stop and arrest of Mr Larry Bell.  I am happy to pay a reasonable cost for such information. 
     Please send me the forms needed if any, the charges, if any, and or any such other information I might need to obtain requested information. 
     In closing, please explain what ever happened to the rights of the people to be secure from such abuse.  Larry Allen Bell was in possession of a body without any blemish I know of.  Please furnish me with a picture of officer Pederson's face taken after the stop.  As a former police officer I find discrepancies in the information found in the arrest affidavits and court filings.  I am therefore giving your department the benefit of the doubt, but would like to make up my mind based on all the facts, hence the request for the requested documents, video, and audio recordings.
Thanking you in advance for your timely cooperation in this serious matter.  Below is where you can send me the forms needed and the appropriate fees for the Reports, documents, video CD and other Audio communications before, during and for approx 30 minutes after the stop of Larry Allen Bell 
John Wiese
C/O General Delivery
Blue Grass Iowa 
World Peace is simple! Give everyone the freedom to worship their Creator,
as they see fit. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
Servant of the People, Steward of the Republic


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