Monday, November 26, 2012

Larry Bell Injured and in Jail

I just received information that Larry Bell was arrested 3 days ago on Nov 23rd.   His booking picture shows him pretty beat up.   I have no idea if he was in an accident or this was from an interaction with a police officer.   Here is the listing

He was charged with 4 counts, one of which is interference with official acts(normally they use this instead of resisting arrest even though it is the same charge).

I do not have any other details as I have not spoken with Larry Bell, but it does look like he bailed out the same day through a bail's bondsman.

Wanted to share this information with you all incase you wanted to contact Mr. Bell and provide any assistance.   Since this is a repeated offense, I would guess that he will be going to jail for a while.   

He has been barred from driving in the past, and I have no idea if this driving barr had anything to do with an actual crime that involved a victim or if this is just a series of victimless crimes(besides Mr. Bell being injured by the State).

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