Tuesday, November 27, 2012

John Wiese's Comments on the Bell Situation

     Today Nov 27, 2012 at 8:30 AM about 11 of us were at the Scott Co Court House.  They had the court room locked up until approx 8:41.  They opened the door and Larry was on the TV screen.  They, in my opinion would not bring Larry over to the court house because of how badly he looked.  There were about 70 people waiting for magistrate Court.  The TV was in my opinion deliberately screwed with to keep people from seeing how Larry looked.  Larry's orange jump suit was gray to black, and it did not show the discoloration in his face.  We could still see the black eye.  The computer on the desk showed a dark grey with a little orange tint to Larry's jump suit.  It was over in 5 minutes with Larry getting to say very little.  LARRY GOT THE TYPICAL SCREWING HE HAS GOTTEN IN THE PAST He asked where his Attorney was and mentioned the  Cesri Que Vie Trust but the Magistrate Christine Dalton shut him off quickly.
     I found out from Larry's mother (Suzzi) that the Davenport Hospital ran Larry in and out with out much of an exam.  Larry did tell me he came to when placed in the MRI machine.  It is good that he went to University Hospital in Iowa City.  Larry was diagnosed with a concussion and bruised ribs.  Apparently the Dr stated it was good Larry had as much fat on him as he did or every rib would have been broken.  Larry will have the effects of the concussion for about 5-6 weeks. 
     Here is the good news.  Suzzi took my advise and had a professional photographer take pictures like mine later in the day I took mine.  They were taken as close as you an get, and show more detail than mine did.  Will send them as soon as the photographer will make me a DVD.  I also was able to get the 3 pictures I took to Senator Joseph Sang, Larry's Iowa Senator.  He did call the IHP and talked with them to preserve the recordings.  I found out it is standard practice that they have a recorder microphone on.  From my past experience they always have a malfunction when they don't want incriminating voice recorded.  WE SHALL SEE  Merl has sent out 250 e-mails with pictures and has 7x11 pictures of Larry's MUG shot.  I paraded around the 70 people with Merl's picture so they could see what Iowa's finest ha ha will do if you don't wear a seat belt.
     Todd is busy working behind the scene to help, and should be complimented as he is very busy with the Reader and other commitments
On the light side I got in a hurry and locked my private conveyance with both keys inside.  Thanks to Dan he rescued me and paid for some wire.  Still took me a hour to get it unlocked.  Merl bought me tea and pie after court.  Thanks to every one and Gail for all the help and information being provided. 
     What do you think about 535 Reps and 100 Senators, and Senators and Reps in Iowa and surrounding states would say if they were sent Larrys pictures?  Can someone help with a mass mailing that would include an affidavit that explained Larry was forbidden in, I believe 2003 from being allowed to read to the jury the Iowa law, from the Iowa Code Book, that would have gotten him acquitted   Evidence also was forbidden to be given in 2010 to the jury also. 
      Could we work together on this to promote laws in every state that would put Judges and Magistrates in jail when they obstruct justice. We now see the results of in my opinion Malfeasance of Office and Obstruction of Justice by Public officials.  I believe Iowa Highway Patrol officer Pederson #171 I believe, ( Dan hopefully will scan an send all of you the info) will eventually get his just reward by the beating Larry received   I don't have the basic citation here tonight, but if you can believe it a good samaritian (un named) helped the officer put the other set of cuffs on Larry. 
     THE JOKE OF THE DAY  I have it from a reliable source that someone in the Stockton Iowa HWY office made a statement Larry was not hit in the mouth.  God bless each of you and thanks again for all your prayers for Larry.  Pray for Suzzi Bell she is 85 but still quite a fireball.  GOOD NIGHT, John
World Peace is simple! Give everyone the freedom to worship their Creator,
as they see fit. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
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